The bay, CA. 3:50pm.

Two stoked idiots on the ferry to San Francisco!! Couldn’t be stokeder:) Daniel finally got in touch with me this morning and I convinced him to come with me on the ferry.



Where’s the crystal?

Fairfield, CA. 10:10am.

Some dude just went knocking on all the room doors. I went and opened since I thought it was the cleaners here to tell me to get out. Check out time you know?

But it wasn’t the cleaners. It was a homeless guy.

“yo, that your Cherokee right there?” pointing at a white Jeep.
“Aight, you know where he lives?”
“I think he’s somewhere on top”
“Aight” now trying to peek in my room. “you got crystal?”
“Do I have meth? No”
“aight, where’s the guy with the Cherokee?”

Man… I’m in paradise at last.

So close I can smell it

Fairfield, CA. 9:07am.

I woke up in Fairfield this morning. In a hotel for the first time in three weeks. Actually, this is the first time I’ve paid for a place to sleep since I met Daniel. It pretty much had to be done though. He’d ended up some miles ahead of me, and when I finally had ridden through the Delta of the bay area and arrived in Fairfield – his phone was off. He’d fallen asleep under a bridge.

I tried going to the city park to sleep there but it really didn’t feel safe. In the pavillion where i wanted to sleep there were two people sitting – a man and a woman. As soon as I biked by they got up and ran in different directions. Don’t know what that was about. It was cold last night, too! Really cold. The last few miles of my 82 mile ride yesterday I was freezing. That’s the bay area I guess. Cold air from the pacific blowing in.

God that’s weird. I’m at the fucking pacific ocean. I’m done. All I have to do now is roll the 20 miles down to Vallejo (where the pin is dropped) and take a ferry across the bay. If I really wanted to I could ride the looong way around and come in on the Golden Gate bridge – but at this point I’m choosing practicality over symbolism. Even the Adventure Cycling maps say to take the ferry so I guess it’s not cheating.

20 miles left. I still can’t fathom that at all. I’ll get back to you once I set foot in San Francisco.


Jackson, ca. 10:35am.

Inching our way closer and closer… We’re both pretty beat today after all the climbing we did yesterday – but we have no mountains left to conquer really. Just small little hills. I think. Unless there’s some big ass mountain range right east of san francisco that no one has mentioned to me yet.

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Right now, all donations are being matched too! So a $10 donation as actually a $20 donation. Get on the job people!


Crested Carson

20 miles west of Carson Pass, CA. 6:35pm.

“Dawg, we gotta get off this mountain. I want to wake up somewhere where it ain’t colder than a witches titties in a brass bra doing push-ups in the snow.”

This is what I have to put up with on a daily basis. Hahaha!! I’m going to miss it so much…

Pictures and stuff

Still South Lake Tahoe, CA. Now 8:24pm.

Serotonin level is high right now. They usually are when I’m close to water or mountains. Right now I’m close to both. Lake Tahoe is ridiculously beautiful. I mean RIDICULOUS. I just smiled like someone out of a Colgate commercial (I don’t have a Colgate smile) the whole ride down from Spooner Peak to the lake. We were pretty much just laughing at how pretty it was.

On the way up from Carson City to Spooner Summit Daniel and I met a really cool couple named Dave and Jean. They had ridden from Portland, Oregon, through a bunch of states I can’t remember to Utah and then west to western Nevada. They were going to a wedding   west of Lake Tahoe, and then another wedding in San Francisco. After that, they were flying to their OWN wedding on the east coast. They had quite a trip planned and were a cool damn couple. Here they are, stoked on just cresting Spooner Summit:


Then Daniel got jealous at not being in any pictures.


But let’s take a few steps back. Before all this shit, we were in Carson City, Nevada. We hit a cool ass Puppet show in the city park. It was us and a whole bunch of kiddos. I guess that means it was all kids.

After that we hit up our regular spot. The spot we hit in every single town that has one. The Walmart Supercenter. Just by pure luck, we ended up setting up a little lunch camp right where the store’s employees took their smoke breaks. These guys were cool as SHIT. I’ve never been so impressed by Walmart. They were super chatty and wanted to know everything about the trip. This one guy Jesse who I talked to for a long time came back about a half hour after we’d talked. With him, he had a packet of cereal bars that he wanted me to have on the trip. He’d obviously paid for them with his own hard earned money. Unbelievably sweet guy. Here he is:
Then we started climbing up to Spooner Summit (I’m doing this backward for some strange reason).
Daniel was killing it!!! Look at him go in his yellow tee!
Finally – after a lot of climbing –  we got to Spooner Summit and then started descending towards Lake Tahoe. IT WAS SICK!!!
This is hiiigh up in the mountains!! You know what’s crazy though? Lake Tahoe is the third deepest lake in America, and the bottom is 95 feet LOWER than Carson City where we started. It took us an hour and a half to climb to the lake. That’s baller.
“Look dawg, there ain’t no snow like there used to be.”
High on lakes and altitude!
YEEEES! God damn I loved that sign. I wanted to kiss it but it was 30 feet up.
Daniel enjoying the South Lake Tahoe scene. People love his style here. Especially the dudes at Sports LTD. They were vibing off Daniel hardcore.
And this is pretty much where we’re at right now. Loving it. When I get rich off my Anti-fracking work I might have a second home in Aspen and a third one in South Lake Tahoe. Yeah, that’s about right.
Have an awesome weekend peeps! Big love from CALIFORNIA!

The sign we’ve all been waiting for

South Lake Tahoe, CA. 6:35pm.

God damn. That California state line did not come a day early. But it did eventually show up. The sign was very underwhelming unfortunately, but I’m not fixing to start bitching about that right now. We’re here. South lake tahoe fucking killing it. I’m so stoked right now!!! We can still see the casinos on the other side of the state line, but over here in Cali everything is suave dude. I can tell the difference already.

I’d promised to take Daniel out to a fat dinner – so we’re doing that right now. And beers. Can’t believe I’m almost done with this trip. It feels very strange. Pictures to come, hold tight!