Lovelock, NV. 5:10

Just found out that Lovelock actually has a library. Ran over there – jolly – thinking that I would finally find some high speed internet to upload some serious business for you guys.

Bring all my stuff in, set up camp, get comfortable, and try to hook up. But my computer couldn’t find a network. Confused, I asked to librarian how to find the network.

“We don’t have one, go to McDonald’s.”

“You don’t have internet here?”

“No, we’re not getting enough funding, go to McDonald’s”

This is the FIRST library across the whole damn country that has not had internet. Where is all that gambling money going, I wonder.


Cañnon City Public Library, 4:20pm

Maybe I should go out there and actually ride instead of fooling around at the Cañon City Public LIbrary…? I don’t wanna though!!! It’s so hot out there and there are a bunch of mountains I have to cross and there are idiots in cars everywhere and my bike is so heavy and it’s like 55 miles to the next town and I’m hungry and a little bit tired and it’s more fun just spamming your inboxes with stopfrackingaround e-mails and I think the wind may still be blowing and I don’t really like riding into the wind and I have no one to ride with and I’m in a bit of a rush so I should just shut the f up and get out there shouldn’t I?


Cañon City Public Library, 3:43 pm.

Another good piece of news is that the quality of this blog is bound to rise by approximately 200% over the coming three weeks. If you think it’s been boring so far – I’m now equipped with the heavy artillery to blow your damn socks off!


Cañon City Public Library, 3:37pm

Sometimes you find books that grab you – that feel like they’re telling the story of your life at the moment. I found one of those today and I’m so thankful for it.



Cañon City Public Library, 3:22pm

WARNING TO ALL: Unless you are a very experienced chocolate milk-drinker, do not drink chocolate milk while reading maps. Failure to follow this advice may cause severe and very intimate bonding between different sections and/or pages of said maps.


I feel like such a credit card tourer right now!! I got about 10 or 15 miles out of Pueblo for my regular evening ride.  I could pretty soon tell that this wasn’t a good night to be riding – dark clouds were piling up and winds of almost 30 mph were hitting me. I’ve promised myself to never put myself in the position of being in the middle of nowhere during a storm – so I decided to check into a motel. It felt unbelievably crappy to pay $75 (this motel had zero competition so prices were ridiculous) for a room after having ridden 30 miles, but I didn’t really have a choice. I’ll hit the ground running tomorrow morning though, and I must say that I’m enjoying just watching the olympics… Good night people!