First I did this, and then this other thing happened and then I met a dude named…

That’s how I feel this blog is. Haha!! Keeping a blog about an adventure like this and trying to make it not sound like the narrative of a five year old is hard. I just realized that as I read through this blog entry you’re about to read. So much stuff happens between every entry I do that it’s hard to keep track of the smaller often more fun details. This is what I could muster today so bear with me!

I really did pick a great week to start this adventure, didn’t I? First insane storms in Virginia, and now getting absolutely roasted in Kentucky. It’s been hot the whole time, no doubt about that, but today it really got to me for some reason. 

What has basically happened in Kentucky so far is that I had a great 75 mile day yesterday coming into the state. After looking at the map,  I realized that there would be no campgrounds or motels to stay the night at. I pushed on as as far as I could, found a house that looked friendly, and knocked the door to ask permission to camp in their backyard. The first family I found were fine with it so I set up my tent in their backyard. A part of me kept hoping they’d offer me a shower but they weren’t very talkative and never did offer a shower so that was that and I went to bed greasy and sweaty.



I got up early (for me) this morning and got off to a good start. At about 1 pm I’d done about 45 miles and was feeling good. That’s when it started getting really, really hot. I felt I just couldn’t stand it. It felt like biking inside of a sauna. The air that hit my face and arms didn’t feel refreshing but instead it just burned my skin. I kept having to stop and sweat was just streaming down from my face. It was about 102 degrees and very humid. Every hill felt torturous. For the first time this trip I swallowed my pride walked parts of some hills – that’s how bad it was. 

Random early morning Kentucky-picture:


As I was coming up one particularly bad hill I find a fellow touring cyclist just sitting in the grass by the side of the road. His name was Albert and he was not doing well in the heat at all. He’d been throwing up, hadn’t eaten seriously for many days and his friend had taken off without him. We spoke for a bit and I told him that I was only aiming to get to a state park campground down the road. We decided to meet there when he could muster the energy to get up and keep going.

To cut a very long story short: I ended up going the wrong way, crossing an enormous mountain I shouldn’t have crossed. I end up at the state park LODGE instead of the campground. Instead of cycling back across the mountain I found a park ranger named Jackie to take me back in his car. Every time I thanked him for taking me back to the camp he said “don’t thank me, thank Jesus, I wouldn’t be here without the lord’s help”. Once at the campground I found Albert there basically passed out from heat exhaustion. An amazing woman named Pearly from the campground was caring for him. An ambulance came to check that Albert wasn’t dying or anything. He just needed rest. After an hour or two, we go swimming. As we’re in the water, clouds start piling in. Another storm. Perfect. We decide that we actually should be at the lodge I was at in the first place. Pearly then found us a local with a truck to drive us there and here we are!




That’s it that’s all! Tomorrow might be a rest-day or I might keep going. We’ll see…


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