Good > evil

Ash Grove, MO. 10:00 pm

Sometimes I feel lile it would be more badass if something really crappy happened to me, like if I got robbed at gunpoint or fell off my bike in the desert and got my hand stuck between my spokes and had to cut my whole arm off with a rusty knife or something like that. That could be a movie I think. The movie about this trip would have no real punchline, because I have nothing of that sort to report – except for one little shithead hanging out of his friend’s truck and shouting “fuck yoou” and giving me the finger. That happened today and was pretty badass.

What I keep encoutering though, are great acts of kindness and affection, and tonight was no exception. I had just pulled up to a restaurant here in Ash Grove when a couple started chatting to me. Their names were Ron and Melinda Love, and we got talking a bit about fracking. Ron was originally from Arkansas were there’s a lot of fracking going on – Ron was not stoked on it. Apparently Arkansas has been getting earthquakes since the fracking began, something that’s not been common in the state’s history. A few minutes after they’d left and I’d sat down in the restaurant, they came in through the door, whispered something to the waitress and then left. The waitress, smiling, came over to my table. “they just paid for your dinner and that lemonade you’re drinking.”

Ron & Melinda, if you’re reading this – you do your last name great justice!! Thank you so much, you made my night great. I was vibing off your kindness for hours:) And the squash pasta you recommended was off the chart! Please send me your adress ( and I’ll send you a postcard.

Knock on wood bad stuff doesn’t start happening now! I know quite a few of you out there who will start talking about supernatural powers if I get a flat tomorrow.

Good night everyone!

1 thought on “Good > evil

  1. Jag tror den här resan kan vara en så kallad solskenshistoria! 🙂 Fast lite jobbig ibland (typ uppförsbackar, tornados, arga hundar och chokladmjölks draughts) för att du verkligen ska uppskatta allt det fina som händer dig. Älskar dig! Var underbart att prata igår! Puss

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