Bike touring sucks

I. Hate. Bikes. Right. Now. And I’m pissed off at both my parents for telling me that traveling by bicycle is great. They obviously didn’t travel by bike through kansas at 3pm.

This is what the last three hours have been like: straight road – very bumpy and badly in need of repair. Corn fields on either side. Sun directly on top of my head – no shade anywhere because there are so few trees. Humid. And this is the best part: wind right in yer face.
I’ve been moving at a very steady pace of what feels like 2mph during this time.

What’s kept me going is constantly rehashing the mantra fron the t-shirt that christian John gave me: spur up, bear down and get ‘ur dun.

One more hour to the next city and then I’m dun fer the day.

6 thoughts on “Bike touring sucks

  1. I’ve noticed your english has been evolving over the trip. hopefully by west coast you’ll be off the the yer and getting ‘er dun by saying cowabunga and rad or something. Keep your head up. You can do it. Grab some chocolate milk and a ice cream cone and pour a cup of water on your head 🙂 thinking about you..

    • Haha! Yeah my english is constantly changing depending on where I am and who I’m around I guess. If I could have bought a chocolate milk or an ice cream I would have – and that part of the road wouldn’t have been so bad then. The problem is that many stretches here don’t have services for like 50 miles!! NONE!

  2. Du fixar det där älskling det vet jag! Om du är duktig och trampar på så ska du få ett pris när du kommer hem! 😉 Saknar dig! Hur är mobiltäckningen i Kansas? Jag vill höra din sammetsröst innan jag går och lägger mig helst! Annars imorn när jag slutat jobbet… Puss puss

  3. I thought it was nice biking to Paris at least now looking back from my rocking chair. I’m sure you’ll make it and there are Greyhounds if your not in the mood or if the sun is to hot, you have nothing to prove, you know. Lots of love.

  4. Ok if julia is your girlfriend then i am totally impressed. Don’t know a word of swedish but think i caught the drift by the very american vernacular of the last two words of her post. Perhaps just remember it’s all about the journey. Change fees are no fun with airlines but a possibility. Just may take a little longer than you thought. So what. You are on your journey no one else’s. I bet your boss the rapper doppleganger would be cool with that. You are young and have the rest of your life to work. Just be careful and find your joy wherever that may be. Grab that ash grove energy and ride it out of the land of the jayhawkers. R and m love p.s. be sure and tell julia i think she rocks! Uppity women unite

    • Yepp! Julia is in fact my girlfriend and she’s pretty damn cool. The last two words mean kisses in Swedish. Getting another flight is unfortunately out of the question, the ticket is not rebookable at all… But I’ll make it! I’m not worried in the least 🙂 Kansas I WANT to boost through anyway because it feels like there ain’t too much to see here.

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