Some thoughts on casinos

Lovelock, NV. 3:34pm

I’ve been thinking about this whole casino-thing here in Nevada. I wonder why Nevada of all states has chosen to legalize gambling. I know that there are other states that allow gambling, but it just seems so much more prevalent here than anywhere else I’ve been. Daniel’s theory is that Nevada chose to legalize gambling and commercial casinos because there isn’t that much else going on here. The truth is though, that gold and silver mining is a huge industry here. Farming may not create as much revenue here as it does in many other states, but mining certainly seems to do so.

I spoke to the bartender at a restaurant while getting breakfast a few days ago – and he told me that you don’t have to pay income tax in Nevada and that gambling is the way the state generates revenue. The owner of every slot machine in the state of Nevada has to pay the state a fee of $400 per machine per quarter – no matter how much money the machine generates. This supposedly offsets the loss of revenue that the state faces by not having any income tax.

Can it really do that?! People really have to gamble one hell of a lot here to make up for not paying income taxes. And who is it that gambles? Who ends up picking up the tab? I see, mostly, working class people glued to those slot machines. People who at least look like they don’t have a lot of money to begin with. In West Wendover (which is in Nevada as opposed to Wendover), I also saw a lot of cars with Utah plates. People were saying that the mormons take every chance they can get to go wild – as long as it’s outside their own state. This of course means that a lot of the money generated for the state comes out of the pockets of people from other states. Strategically smart, I suppose.

The casinos just seem to attract so much badness, that’s what I keep thinking. The fact that prostitution is, on top of the gambling, legal here probably doesn’t help much. I have no research on this, but casinos and brothels combined add up for a pretty explosive mix.

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