I don’t know what just happened, but I’m sitting in a hotel room in Cumberland right now. I have the single most excruciating day (physically definitely, maybe also mentally) behind me. Ended up missing check in time at the camping (why is there a check in for camping?) so I got a hotel room which was sooo epically worth it.

Today I rode 115 miles, of which 85 were on gravel roads!!!! Apparently there is no good way to bike from Frederick to Cumberland so I rode along the c&o canal which was very brutal. My body deffo took a beating, and the bike too. Now I have to go and get some really greasy food.

6 thoughts on “Cumbalaaaandezee

  1. Wonderful to hear from you dearest dearest son. Was thinking of you all night worrying like a hen with a nerveaus breakdown, will stop that from now on when I know your on your track. Love from mama

  2. Yiiiiihaaa!!! You made it sweetpea! So proud of you! Sleep in tomorrow or are you just gonna keep going? Love yoooouuu!!! xxxxx

  3. can’t wait to read more about your adventures stephan! have a great time, meet lots of people, and experience the america that most of us will never know 🙂


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