A few pictures for your viewing pleasure

Great sign from the lobby of a funky little family owned motel in Carbondale, Illinois. And he meant it too.

This is what the Mississippi looks like:
The clientele of The Eagles club in an unnamed (can’t remember) very small town somewhere in Missouri:
Small town chatter at its best.
A few nights ago I ended up between two campsites and had nowhere to stay for the night. It was getting late and I rolled by a christian camp. I got a whole dorm to myself – to be honest it was a little bit eerie in there!!
 Met a guy named Dwayne at a gas station one morning. He was out in his 1993 Saab 900 Turbo convertible. Swedish cars are so rare here that I had to take a picture. Saab had it going on back then!! Look at the boxy yet sleek lines of that thing. Soo sweet.

What the roads used to look like back in good old Kentucky:


And Missouri. The map described Missouri as a self-propelled roller coaster ride, and that’s exactly what it was – at least the end part of the ozarks. 



And now all of a sudden it looks like this!!! I won’t take any more pictures in Kansas because this is what it looks like.




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