Put your money where my mouth is

Hey all you wonderful readers of this blog. Please devour this post carefully as it is probably the most important one I’ll make.

Writing this, I’m sitting at the Pittsburg, Kansas community library. This library is located roughly 1500 miles from Washington DC, the place I started three and a half weeks ago, and 2408 miles from San Francisco, the place I have to be in a month in order to catch my flight back to Sweden on the 23rd of August. I have 30 days to cover these miles, and my body will need at least 4 days of rest during this time. Some simple math shows that I’ll have to average around 92 miles every day except for the 4 days of rest in order to make it to SF in time. 
I am going to give my all to make it there – without taking any Greyhound buses along the way – if you help me raise some money for an organization and a cause I believe in.

I wanted to find an organization working to improve the environmental situation, and I wanted their field of work to have some connection to the areas I’m riding through. Therefore, I’ve chosen to raise money for an organization named Earthworks, and a specific program of theirs named the Oil & Gas Accountability project. Earthworks does a lot of work to serve and help communities where energy companies are drilling for natural gas using the method of hydraulic fracturing. Here’s what they have to say about themselves and their cause:

The fossil fuel industry is rushing to drill and extract as quickly 
and cheaply as possible at a time when existing rules are lax and
 outdated, enforcement capacity limited, and punishment for wrongdoing
 minimal. The result is profits for corporations and costs passed on to 
the public, including polluted air and water, health problems, toxic
 waste, and aggravation of climate change.

Earthworks’ Oil & Gas Accountability Project is trying to change this. Earthworks challenges 
the notion that natural gas is a clean source of energy by exposing 
the health, environmental, climate, economic and social impacts of 
hydraulic fracturing, the widespread use of toxic drilling chemicals,
 and the oil and gas industry’s sweeping exemptions from bedrock 
environmental laws. Earthworks seeks to protect people’s rights, 
public health, clean air and water, and the climate from dirty energy, 
particularly oil and gas drilling and fracking. Working with affected
 communities, Earthworks reforms federal, state and local government 
policies and improves corporate practices.

This will be a flash fundraiser type thing. Quick and efficient. 4 weeks of you guys donating (if you think the cause is good) and generally spreading the word about it. Then it’s over and Earthworks get their money to do some good.

One generous donor has already signed up to match whatever contributions we get up to a cap of $500. This means that until we reach $500 in total donations, a donation of $10 actually equals a total donation of $20.  The deal is – and this is where my part of this all comes in – that the matching only happens if I actually make it to SF in time. If I don’t, the donations stay as they are. As I am sure we’ll get above and beyond $500 in total donations, anyone else who’d be interested in matching is welcome to contact me at Stephan.kimbel@gmail.com. And remember, you only have to match if I make it to California in time.

To make a donation, go to the charity page I’ve created. Of your donation, 4.95% will go to Crowdrise for server costs etc – and the rest will go to Earthworks. Earthworks was, by the way, awarded with a grade A and a spot on the top rated charities by Charitywatch.org (a charity rating and evaluation service). This means, among other things, that an absolute majority of donations actually go to their projects – and that their fundraising is very efficient.

Here’s where you make a donation:

Stopfrackingaround charity page

For more information on Earthworks and their various projects, visit

this site

If you want more specific information about the Oil & Gas Accountability Project, visit

this site

Let’s go wild with this! Donate, spread the word, and push me to reach my goal in time to maximize the money Earthworks gets!


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