The biker who loved cars

To keep my mind busied while riding, I play several little games with myself. All of them have to do with cars. One is to try to guess what kind of car is coming from behind based on the engine noise and the way the tires roll against the asphalt. That’s a tough one but can be fun if you’re really bored. Another one is to guess what kind of car is coming towards you from a really long distance. That one I’ve done more of in Kansas for obvious reasons. Yesterday I made one serious mistake – I was sure I saw a mid 1990’s Ford Windstar coming at me.


But it turned out to be a Chrysler Town & Country from early 2000.


Can’t be making mistakes like that if you want to get anywhere in this game can you?!

On that note, I stayed in a motel last night with a view of a nearby truckstop. I couldn’t help myself but go down there and check out all the big rigs – with the excuse that I was doing my laundry in the driver’s lounge of course.




Yeah it was pretty awesome down there!!! I like the loud noise they make, and just their sheer size!! Their so enormous. I really wanted to ask one of the drivers if I could see what they looked like inside but then I realized that I’m not three years old any longer.

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