Traveling solo again

West wendover, NV. 5:23pm

Daniel is still MIA. I called the cops about it, and one of the officers had seen him rolling into town early this morning. Maybe he thought I was annoying and dumped me? Who knows. Weird shit whatever it is. I just broke my second pair of sunglasses, too. Not stoked on the selection of new ones in this town. Got a a pair at the grocery store. Now I look like the dork on the left in the sunglass ad. Also ran outta gas for my stove – no gas in this town. Will have to eat peanut butter fajitas for some days. And beef jerky and fruit. That’ll be good.

Ready to take off now. Gonna try to make it to Elko but that’s a hundred miles which may be pushing it. We’ll see what the night brings. The cops told me to not expect much from my cell phone in terms of reception over the next miles, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a while. I’ve got plenty of water and food, steezy shades and some power drinks to keep me energized. Soon I’ll be in the paradise that is California, soon.


1 thought on “Traveling solo again

  1. OK – don’t know how this responding to a blog works but I sent one to you earlier offering you refuge in Tahoe at NorthStar when you make it to California. I was mistaken when I told you I had met your parents. I thought you were Nil’s son and after talking with Chris (in Frederick) he clarified that you are Eric’s son. Anyway, the offer still stands and if you get this and want to stop, let us know. -Kirstin (olson, not en) Cravens ________________________________

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