Nevada isn’t flat, now is it?

Wells, NV. 8:00am

When i started this trip, I was under the impression that I faced two major challenges: first the appalachian moutains, and then the rockies. In between things would be pretty easy and mostly flat. Then someone, probably dad, mentioned that there was something called the sierra mountains right as I got into California and that they were pretty tough. Ok, fair enough, I can handle three sets of mountains over the course of the summer. When i got to Kentucky i met a biker going east one day. One of the things i said to him was that i was glad to be out of the mountains until the rockies. He looked at me like i was crazy and said: dude, you have the fucking Ozarks of Missouri ahead of you. The Ozarks!! I’d never even heard of them. Sounds like some little monster from the lord of the rings or something.

Ok, so i get through the ozarks, the rockies of colorado and then Utah and finally start rolling through Nevada last night. I felt so good knowing that I had just all flatness ahead of me.

The first thing that happened was that i hit a long downhill. Probably three miles of pure bliss. But then, up ahead, I could see the road starting upwards again. Up a big ass mountain. It was so long that I couldn’t even see the top. A very gradual climb, but very long. After about an hour of solid climbing, i crested it – relieved. I was rewarded wtih a much shorter downhill, and then the god damn road started pointing up – again!! This time an even longer climb, ending at 7000 ft. This time, the downhill on the other side was MASSIVE. Probably 7 miles of no pedaling, doing 35 mph. It was dark at this point and i had to keep dodging huge pieces of truck tire that lay on the shoulder.

At this point, i was 40 miles into the ride, tired as hell already and just wanting to reach Wells which was 20 miles up ahead. Just keep stroking. Kept wishing there wouldn’t be a third hill but I had a feeling there would be. Followed the truck’s tail lights and saw them going up, steadily. I couldn’t believe it! What i thought would be super easy turned into one of the hardest climbing sessions of the trip.

Finally reached Wells. Met a guy in the city park. He had just hitch hiked from california along interstate 80(which I’ll be on mostly). Said it was all hills from here to Reno. That’s 300 miles of hills 🙂

All I can do is smile and be happy to be out on my bike in this beautiful country – because that’s what it is – enjoyable. As I recall it, I didn’t enjoy the flats of Kentucky all that much so it’s probably all for the best!

Below are pictures of my sleeping quarters last night. Wells city park baseball dug out.

Enjoy your sunday, I’ll be in contact!



1 thought on “Nevada isn’t flat, now is it?

  1. Stephan lyssna noga nu. Om Du vill ha lite “royal treatment” innan Du rullar in i San Francisco. Min pappas tremänning heter Howard Johnson och är President på Johnson Farm Machinery i Woodland, CA. Ett litet mail från mig och Du kanske kan få ett eget poolhouse for the night. Jag tycker det ser ut som att Woodland nästan ligger utmed Din planerade färdväg. Svara på detta så skickar jag mailet. Priset är fortfarande ett 5-pack Hanes boxer shorts (Not boxer briefs) size 3XL.
    Keep on pushing
    The Boss

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