I’m still here


The internet has been a bit hard to come by here in the boons. No cellular connection whatsoever for the last 24 hours. Had a mental battle with the legs all day yesterday. They feel a bit better today, came over Wilson Mtn (2700ft) without dying. Knees are painful though. Don’t know what’s wrong with them but they hurt with every pedal-stroke. Maybe I should have a rest day.

Last night I struggled to make it to Monterey, Virginia. I really wanted to get there before sunset because it is a I had heard of. Or so I thought. Monterey. Rings a bell doesn’t it? Well I rock in there at about 7pm and the place is tiny!!! Shit, I was thinking of Monterey, California.

Monterey, Virginia didn’t turn out too bad though. They apparently have zero campsites there, so I asked around at a gas station a bit and found a guy who said he’d let me camp in his front yard. Cool, except he lived 7 miles back the way I came down some hills which I’d have to come back up in the morning. Kept asking and pretty soon came across police officer Bill Wagner, a fast talking guy with a big laugh and a big heart. He said I could camp behind an old farm house on his land. He lived 7 miles in the direction I wanted to go. Perfect.

Was recommended a restaurant named Mountain Hideaway. Went there and got talking to a man named Kelley. He worked for the government and was doing research on something called the Emerald Ash Borer which is apparently eating all the Ashes in this country. He told me all about how they’d come to this country through people traveling more these days and also increased trade between the US and Asia. There are no predators to them here so they are just rocking out right now. Very bad for the ashes.

Kelley also told me about how bees and bats are in big trouble in lots of places, and how our world is going to be (excuse me) FUCKED. If we don’t get a hold of that situation. If bats become extinct then many bugs won’t have any predators, and if bees go extinct then flowers won’t be pollinated. I went to bed with a very heavy feeling last night because of this conversation.

Got up reasonably early today and kept rolling on the same road I’ve been on since Cumberland (route 220). I had been looking forward to a place called Warm Springs since yesterday and today I got there. They have warm springs here!!!! And that’s why it’s called warm springs. You pay $17 to chill for an hour in there and it was amazing for my whole body to just relax in the 94 degree (fahrenheit, ofc) water. Knees will probably be better now.

It’s actually 94 degrees outside too. And very humid. I’m really going to try to make it down to the Transamerica trail by the end of today but it’s much further than it looks on a map.

As soon as I get a solid wifi-connection I’ll upload some pics of the last few days!

Hope you’re all good!


5 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Was worried about you so glad you are okay. Dads friend, Pete wants to fly out and meet you for a week to ride along with you. We will have to figure out as you get closer to Colorado what your route will be then. I also think a rest day would be good as your ligaments and tendons are pretty important to finish your ride. Thinking and praying for you. Xoxo.

    • I’m right now stationed in the Pinehurst Motel in Covington. RESTING! It’s awesome and it only cost 55 dollars. Thought about you and Julia and mom when I made the decision to stop early today. Knew you’d approve!
      Riding with Pete would be cool! I don’t really know where I’m going after Colorado but we’ll figure something out.

    • Yeah, unfortunately I think it might kinda be this way. In the future I might knock the door on a house and give em a couple bucks to use their phone if I can’t reach anyone for a few days. Hopefully when I hit the ta trail there will be other riders whose phones I could borrow.

      • AT&T is the worst. Power to your legs today. Glad you are listening to your body when it speaks. 🙂

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